Gunnar Rubber Boots by Tretorn

At DG sneakers are a big part of are wardrobe, and for most weather conditions they’re perfect, but for rain, they suck. Sneakers are meant to be used for being active and for fitness, therefore they all have some sort of breathability. Typically near the toe or even the whole shoe is breathable, so when your foot starts to sweat, there is airflow to keep your feet cool and dry. When it rains, sneakers literally inhale water.
Now we know there aren’t too many good-looking rain boots for men. While women and fisherman can rock wellies, most guys can’t. Stylish rain boots are coming and there are a few out there. Tretorn makes a pretty good shoe that is leading towards a sneaker design that works for bad and good weather conditions, the Gunnar Rubber Boots. This shoe has the same weatherproof qualities that have made Tretorn a rival of Hunter and at only $95. The Gunnar boots have a chukka style and is made of PVC-free natural rubber. The microfleece lining keeps the cold from coming in and the ecoOrthoLite insole fights moisture. These shoes come in 3 colors, black, gunmetal, and navy.

For a pair of shoes that you could wear during sunny and rainy days, we’re liking the Gunnar Rubber Boot from Tretorn. Forget overshoes, wellies, and try these for a bit of style in shitty weather.

Price: $95
Source: Tretorn

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