Traveling is an amazing opportunity, one that should never be taken for granted. Once all your itinerary is set, the next step is packing. We’ve went into detail on tips on what to bring, but we wanted to give you a glance at what we wear on our trips.

For starters we pack items that are interchangeable with many items. There shouldn’t be 5 pairs of shoes for 5 outfits. We usually go with 2-3 pairs of shoes and some slippers. Also, we’re talking about trips a week or more. It might seem stale to pack items that are interchangeable, but it keeps your luggage light, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy yourself more. When you have 2 sweaters in 40-6o degree weather, then you’re going to have less decisions to make and more time to explore your destinations.

When in virtually any city, you know that you have to keep your fashion game up. Just because you’re in another country, doesn’t mean you can look like a tourist jerk. So, don’t wear your rain jacket with your running shoes or your button-up shirt with your slippers. If you wouldn’t wear it at home, don’t do it when abroad, and if you have no clue, keep reading.


We’ve talked about brown/blue and black palettes, and same is true abroad. But when you’re traveling pick items that can mix and match between the two. Two easy colors to choose over brown or black are burgundy and grey. They play well with others and always look good.


When we were in Prague, we went with:
-Blue Knit Sweater
-Grey Pants
-White V-Neck T-Shirt
-Brown Belt
Nike Air Max 1 ID
-Longines with Burgundy Leather Nato Strap
-Banana Republic Tortoise Sunglasses


Interchangeable colors are key. Do NOT forget this! If you must go full black or brown palette, do so with clothing items that take up very little space, like socks, watch bands, belts, and others. With these items, your finishing off your outfit, giving it a definite vibe and more importantly a matching color palette. We typically carry 2-3 options per clothing items, in addition to socks and underwear similar to the amount of days we’re traveling.

Don’t be the dude that looks like shit because you’ve been traveling for weeks. Whether it’s 1 week or months, this is the bare minimum.