Sake and Dumplings at Anzukko in Kyoto


Anzukko in Kyoto is a dumpling shop specializing in a type of dumplings that are fried in a circular pattern and they’re attached to each other. There are so many different types of gyozas from half-moon to rectangles. And they’re all delicious.


Anzukko is really hard to get to as it is located on the 2nd floor of a nondescript building. I was only able to find it by asking other shops in the area. This restaurant more closely resembles a restaurant in the states, and not a place to grab a quick bite and leave. They also charge a small cover charge and give you a free appetizer. It was tuna and radish, not bad.


As this is a bit nicer than most dumpling shops, the prices reflect that. I ordered the house specialty dumplings, cheese dumplings, yuzu dumplings, and a glass of Saké (Potato Saké). The chef/waitress is a cute older woman that knows enough a little english. She recommended me a Saké as well as dishes to order.

The house specialty, circular dumplings are fried together and is served with the crispy side up (Upside down), and while the dumplings are connected, the connected area is so crispy that it breaks away easily. These dumplings were absolutely packed with flavor and very ginger forward. The meat in these is visible and very present. The skin is also very thin, making the fried and crispy part of the dumpling have the consistency of a fragile potato chip. I’d come here again, just for these dumplings.


For the novelty items, cheese and yuzu dumplings, the cheese dumplings were shit, the cheese that was used was a soft French cheese, I believe it was camembert, and they left some of the rind on, which has a strong funky taste. The yuzu dumplings were super odd and tasted like the skin was cured or candied. Don’t get these, get more of the house dumplings.

For a great atmosphere and good Sake list, this dumpling spot is a great choice.

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