Hipster Coffee in Kyoto – % Arabica


A recent article I came across from a Japanese newspaper showed that for Japan to stay in touch with the latest style, they have to import goods from New York City, specifically Brooklyn. That’s fucking crazy! Maybe it’s just a small sector or specific products, but that idea is new for me. I remember when the hottest fashion styles were coming straight from Japan and now it’s tough to source the origins. This article is really interesting as I went to Kyoto to get a sense of the outdoors, architecture, and food, and what do I find, hipster coffee spots. I get that Japan makes damn good coffee, but I didn’t realize the hipster coffee scene was so strong here. Maybe I’m an idiot, or just don’t keep up with the coffee game.


% Arabica in Kyoto (Hong Kong too) felt straight out of San Francisco or Seattle with custom machines, ridiculously fragrant coffee beans, hangout areas with wifi, and iPads for registers. Japanese coffee culture (From what I’ve seen in the past week) is vending machines or adorable coffee art (Usually lattes or cappuccinos that look like cats or other animals). Cute shit. Not that cold brew or super deep 1 grower, fair-trade coffee. Arabica was that.


I ordered an Iced Latte and it as good. Nothing mind-blowing, very expensive, but comparable with Blue Bottle, Toby’s and all the other hipster spots. Frankly, after ordered this and getting it, I regretted it. I wish there was Japan’s own take on coffee, and not that coffee art shit. I could have closed my eyes and been in Manhattan.

Source: Arabica Coffee

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