#3FOR31: Day 2 – Leftover Omelettes


Day 2 for #3for31 was another rainy-ass run. Running in the rain sucks. It gets in your face, in your shoes, pants, it’s annoying. The worst weather you can run in is cold temperatures coupled with rain. It’s not cold enough for snow, so it’s almost freezing rain and accumulates on your hat and virtually freezes. No bueno.


The second day of this challenge has me thinking, what’s the best way to use this challenge to really kick-start my training for 2015. I’ve always been that guy that trains by running long and short runs. I haven’t been diligent or even knowledgable to create a plan and stick to it. This 3 mile for 31 days is great for everyone, you just have to tailor it to you. While I start to figure out how my body responds to 7 straight days of running, I’ll start to figure the plan for next week.


Today was a 3 mile day only, essentially a rest day, hitting the 3 miles wasn’t hard, but it will get hard as I’m running daily. With the rain and cold temperatures, it is tough to pick up your speed, so this rest day was one of leisure. My route took me through Astoria Park multiple times and I had a great view of the Triboro Bridge. For runners, this park is a great one because of the track and small hills. It is easy to run here without much traffic and it’s a pretty park. You can stop anywhere and head home because of its size. A full loop around Astoria Park is a little over 1 mile.


As with all of my runs, the highlight is the food. Today it was a leftover omelette, nothing too exciting on first glance, but it was filled with remains from a holy porchetta that I made for Thanksgiving and kale. Pork is by far my favorite leftover meat as it reheats so well, there is so much fat in it that it can be cooked over and over. Beef, turkey, chicken tend to dry out when reheated.

I’m praying the rain lets up, but the forecast is looking bleak. Another 3-4 mile day sounds like a good plan with Friday being a long run day since the weather will be better. So far, just a couple of days into this challenge, really easy! Can’t wait till it gets harder, and I hope not colder.