Adventures at Keelung Night Market in Taiwan


Taiwan is known for their night markets that specialize in street food. Most of their night markets are located in Taipei, but one in the cuts is one of the most popular, Keelung.

Keelung is a port city in the north of Taiwan about 30 minutes by car from Taipei. I visited Jiufeng, a nearby city, and on my way back to Taipei, I checked out Keelung. I came a bit earlier than when all the action started, but was able to grab some great food from a few vendors.

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Keelung night market is known for great seafood, one-bite foods, and sausages. One kinda crazy thing that’s the norm at Keelung is that motorbikes come and go freely through the night market. They don’t always just pass through, but are also there to pick up food. Easy to get hit, and it happens all the time. Most night markets don’t have the space for motorbikes, just Keelung. Also, Keelung’s market has a main road/drag with lanterns that light up at night, besides that, there are tons of other little streets with everything imaginable. Think Taiwanese food meets Greenwich village. It’s damn easy to get lost.

Truth be told, I’m still a little shy on stinky tofu, so no go. The smell coupled with the Taiwanese street smell had me light-headed. I’ve heard this is a must, but I’ll get it next time.

Here’s the foods I ate:

Oyster pancake
Various dumplings
Deep fried baby crabs
Beef noodle soup
Peanut ice (Ice cream)
Bubble tea

Source: TripAdvisor

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