#3FOR31: Day 4-7 – More Miles


#3for31 has been an amazing way to kickstart my day or end it on a high note. December is a month of glorious food, gifts, and cold temperatures, not prime training months. Today was the end of day 7, nearly 25% through and my legs haven’t become tired yet. To be fair, I’m not running much more than 3 miles each day and the distance (Above 3 miles) is dependent on the weather and my schedule. What I’ve found running daily (7 days straight so far) is that, I can do it (I’ve actually never done it), and I need to be diligent in resting. I’m needing more sleep than ever, and run best on a 24 hour rest time.


So here’s how day 4-7 went. Day 4, Friday I was in a rush and needed to do a quick workout in the city, thus ran in the gym. Probably fucked up the challenge, but 3 miles is 3 miles. Mixing up outdoor, indoor, and even cross-training is the only reason I can handle this. I was shooting for faster runs as picking up my speed has always been my issue, this 3 mile run was done at a 8 minute pace. Post-workout food was Shake Shack. Hell yes! I’m an In-n-Out lover since I was in grade school, but Shake Shack is growing on me more and more, and it’s fucking delicious. I will say that the meat is going downhill a bit, and what was once a class above In-n-Out in terms of patty density and flavor is starting to become smaller, and skinnier and more like a fast food burger than a diner/restaurant burger. Still it was great and if there’s a doable line for those burgers, I’m in all the time.


Day 5, Saturday began at noon because I was out till 3am the night before. Not good. I still managed to get the run in, and keep my speed under 8 minutes. When you’ve been drinking the night before, it is so satisfying to get a run in. I can smell that alcohol come off my body. Gross. There wasn’t much in the food department this day as I was on a tight schedule to meet up with a few people. Still, got out there and fucking ran. Beautiful day.


Day 6, Sunday was tough, out late again with a decent amount of booze in the system from the night before, meant for the first time, a night run. In the winter it’s really stupid to run at night or really early in morning (If you don’t have to). The weather is much colder, and visibility is less. If you’re running at the peak of sunlight, the temps are better. I was tired, and #3for31 is getting to me, but I got through it. Another 3 mile run, not much more.


After I ran, I needed a drink, and something dark, and I poured myself a bourbon. I did have a fairly healthy meal that included pork, green beans, corn, and rice. Somewhat clean, decent amount of protein for recovery. Whiskey is a very nice thing to have on a Sunday night after a run. Tastes great and numbs the right things.


Day 7, Monday woohoo! The 7th day, numero siete, I kept thinking this meant I’m 25% through, but it’s a long month, so I’m close to 25% through. I’ve been trying new headphones and have been using bluetooth ones for the past few days, which surprisingly work well. They look absolutely ridiculous, but they’re useful. The only problem with them is when I have a jacket or shirt with a collar they get in the way.

Finally a day over 3 miles with a 4 mile run today. I’m trying. The legs seem to be doing well, and recovering nicely. I’ll likely hit the gym or do some yoga to get some serious stretching in.


The meal was a bit meh, but if you don’t have shit prepared, that’s bound to happen. Eggs, PB+J, Chia, and some water. Fuck I need to step that up.

7 days are complete for the #3for31 challenge, this challenge isn’t hard if you try, literally just get out there and start moving. The challenge of this training is making this work for your body and your goals. I’m spontaneous and not always in my right mind, so I have signed up for an Ultramarathon for 12/27 in California. Time to get some serious miles in.