#3FOR31: Day 8 – Beef Noodle Soup


Eight days of running is no joke. 5 miles on day 8 and I’m beat, I’m dead tired. The weather isn’t helping, but that’s the point, getting out there and running in the winter. It’s not the dead of winter yet, so I shouldn’t complain, but it’s damn cold. 40 degree weather with a slight wind isn’t fun. 50-60 degree weather and it’s perfect.

The day’s run took me to parts of Queens. I started in Astoria and made my way to Flushing, again. There are few things better to eat after a run in the cold, like noodles with a warm broth. You know when you’re hungry or you’ve just exercised and you eat a hearty meal (Rice and meat or eggs), you wait for that feeling of being full and you know you’re eating healthy because that’s a fact of the food your eating, but not a feeling. When you have beef noodle soup or any warm deep flavored broth, every single slurp and bite you can feel yourself getting stronger. That’s what’s so amazing about that dish, and with Flushing an hour away, it’s a good route with a huge payoff at the end.


Running every day can be a terrible and cruel chore, but if you have a destination in mind, or something you’re looking forward to on the run (Besides finishing your run), it can be satisfying on those tough days. Food for me is a huge incentive for working out, but running through New York might be the next highlight as there so much going on in this city.

Side note, this challenge has me excited about running again! 50k is set and ready to go for 12/27 in California. Trail running in my hometown. Now I just need some trail shoes.

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