#3For31: Day 9 – 10k Run


I’m past 25% of the #3for31 Challenge and couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m tired, very tired. Most marathon training plans call for 5 days of running per week, so when I’m at nearly double that, my body is going to feel the pain. If I’ve learned anything about this challenge it is that you have to forget what your body is saying and get out there and run. Sounds stupid, but the way to be a better runner is to simply, run. That’s the short answer, the long answer is to run in a calculated way so your body is pushing its limit and then regenerating and doing that over again. I’m not in full training mode, so more details will come on later, but for now, #3for31 is on the burner.


Day 9 was a 10k run through Queens to, you guessed it, Flushing. I was in the market for trail running shoes and there are outlets in Flushing, plus the food, c’mon it’s crazy good. The run took me from Astoria to Flushing via Astoria and Norther Blvd. It’s a slow run as it’s mostly street running, therefore the pace will be shit, but it’s a leisure run. A tip for keeping your routes interesting is to change them up, go down a different street, see something new, get lost. Each week I’ll have 1-2 repeated running routes, but I’m always interested to switch it up and go somewhere else.

My aches and pain come in my shins when I’ve run too much or in the wrong way. Nothing else. So my shins are starting to hurt, sucks big time. Stretching and balance exercises have been neglected and I need to do more, ASAP.

Seeing as I’m coming up to the end of the second full week of daily running, here’s the plan for next week:

Monday: 3 Miles – Tempo
Tuesday: 8 Miles – Tempo
Wednesday: 4 Miles – Tempo
Thursday: 3 Miles – Speedwork
Friday: 3 Miles – Slow
Saturday: 5 Miles – Tempo
Sunday: 10 Miles – Distance

The Tempo and slow runs will help to regenerate the body as the longer runs will breakdown my body. Can’t wait! But, the repetitions will only help me get better muscle memory.


As I mentioned, I hit up Flushing, meaning food was a huge priority! I made it to New World Mall and gorged on dry hot pot. Amazing food. So spicy, so good, and of course bubble tea. I’ll take dry hot pot over hot pot any day, I’m not a huge soup guy, and love when the food is stir-fried quick with great caramelization. I got beef, sausages, shrimp, and a variety of vegetables.



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